Toto Link PL200 KIT200Mbps Power Line Adapter

R799 R530

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Toto Link PL200 KIT 200Mbps Power Line Adapter


- No Wires, Easy-to-Setup 
- HomePlug AV Ethernet Bridge

No Wires, Easy-to-Setup

With PL200 KIT working together, no wires are needed to extend your network throughout your house, more convenient and flexible deployment. 

HomePlug AV Ethernet Bridge

High-speed Internet access can be easily achieved for your house by HomePlug AV Ethernet Bridge. By pressing the SEC/Rst button correctly, you can share the same electrical lines to other HomePlug AV Ethernet bridges.

- Complies with Home Plug AV, IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u standards.

- High-speed data rate up to 200Mbps.

- Super small design with detachable power plug.

- No need cables, using electrical wires.

- Up to 300 meters range, excellent solution for wall and floor crossing.

- Plug and Play, no configuration required.

- Green product, power consumption reducing up to 65%.

- Built-in QoS assures the quality of bandwidth sensitive applications such as voice, video and online games.  


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